There are two main parts to providing the implant.

1. Surgery to place the implant by our referred surgeon

2. Restoration of the implant with a crown by your dentist.

We currently have 2 referral practices we work with in this area.

We have reading material with detailed information available for you to take home after your consult appointment.

Dental implants

Your Teeth Our Care

Dental implants are rapidly becoming the preferred treatment for anyone seeking the optimal method of replacing missing teeth.

The traditional method of replacing missing teeth has been either with a fixed bridge, which consists of crowned teeth supporting a false tooth, or with a removable denture.

There have been amazing developments in this field in recent years.

A dental implant is essentially a substitute for a natural root that is carefully placed into the jawbone on to which is firmly fixed an single artificial tooth or a fixed denture.

Implants offer you a very real and successful alternative to dentures or bridges and we welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs with you at any time. Our principal Dentists have been working with this technology since it's introduction to general Dentistry and staff regularly attend lectures on the latest Dental discoveries


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