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Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease. Having chronic inflammation in your mouth can have dangerous systemic outcomes for the rest of your body. This includes added strain on the heart and can change peoples ability to manage their blood sugar levels.

At Smithfield Dental we believe that prevention is key. Which is why we recommend patients come in for a dental check-up and clean every six months. This also allows us to give you advice tailored to your specific needs - because everyone is different. 

Cardiovascular Disease
Recent studies have shown an association between periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease. Mouth bacteria areshown to increase body inflammation and bacteria associated with periodontitismay facilitate formation of atherosclerotic plaque in the vessels (arteries and veins).

How to fully floss

How to Brush best

Keeping your mouth clean is easy. All it takes is less than 5 minutes twice a day and dental check ups every 6-12 months.

Pancreatic Cancer
New research has found there may be link between periodontal disease and pancreatic cancer. People with high levels of antibodies to certain bacteria in periodontal disease have a two-fold higher risk of pancreatic cancer than those with low levels. Furthermore, increased levels of antibodies against normal oral bacteria, which can inhibit growth of bad bacteria, might reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer. A clean mouth means a clean body.  
According to current scientific evidence there is a strong correlation between diabetes and periodontitis. Diabetes is associated with an increased incidence and progression of periodontitis and periodontal infections are associated with poor glycaemic control in diabetes. Reduce the cause and effect cycle by having a clean, healthy mouth.
Pre Term and Low Birth Weight
Research has found that during pregnancy having a mouth high in bacteria may be a potential risk factor for pre-term births and low infant birth weight. So getting your mouth healthy before and maintaining oral health during pregnancy should be a priority.

Some of the life-style choices we make
negatively affect our teeth.
These include:
High sugar diet
Poor sleep
Drinks (energy drinks, soft-drinks, juice, alcohol)

Recreational Drugs

These things can put you in a higher risk category for the health problems above. Smithfield Dental are passionate about looking at your Dental Health in the context of your entire life. Ask your Dentist about ways your personal well being can help the long term health of your teeth.

Download out Dental Risk Assessment Quiz: 

TEchniques to help

It’s easy to forget that your mouth is part of your overall health. More and more research is showing us that poor oral health and gum disease are at the centre of some startling health risks. These include: 

a lifestyle that helps you smile!

yOUR TEeth

your health

your oral health can reflect your overall health

the mouth's link with systemic health

People should practice a preventative oral hygiene routine every day. Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once a day is essential to keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

It is not just your teeth that need cleaning, but also the gums.
Gum di
sease, or periodontitis, is the disease of the tissue and bone surrounding the tooth. The disease starts with the gums, then attacks the ligament holding teeth in place, and finally destructs the surrounding bone. If left untreated, periodontitis may lead to the eventual loss of an otherwise healthy tooth due to no support left around it.

Smithfield Dental believes that the Dental profession has the following responsibilty to health

1.     Prevention of major dental issues through a proactive approach to health with regular check ups.

2.    Encouragement to make lifestyle choices that benefit your health and well being.

3.     Care of issues as soon as they present taking care to communicate long term outcomes.

Your Teeth Our Care